Small Things

I explore alone, worlds and words. I write haiku daily.

Little Sleep

Keeping the bits sane
clockwork movement mechanics.
Just rising a chore

The thousand secret
hurts are red flocks of errant
and bewildered birds

Exploring silence
like a series of small caves,
underwater streams

Love III

I am quite lonely,
he tells me over coffee
It’s not a bad thing.

I find snapdragons
in my garden by the thyme
long as a love note

It’s been too long friend,
Let us drink of forevers
and fly into now

sometimes my words are
too small and my dark is big
— not enough, to fight

Bad dreams bring the sea
she says. I sell dreams of
monsters and black shores

a silent, warm night
interrupted by buzzing
—find the mosquito


The moon is round, and
there is a tide in me made
only of old tears