Small Things

I explore alone, worlds and words. I write haiku daily.

“Rain’s absence, you hear
the birds start to sing again
Thunderclouds forming”


I really liked the design Ahri had in the new League cinematic so I doodled something up for it real quick

We are always poised to slip into the spaces shadows of our selves

“Sat by the river
I did not weep, I only
Cast my lines, to wait”

Le Tag Game

Rule 1: Always post the rules. 
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 10 new ones. 
Rule 3: Tag 10 people and link them to the post. 
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them

The questions and tags are here. I just couldn’t resist answering the questions. maeglinhiei, you are at fault here. If you do answer my questions pls pls tag me. 

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Tagging Game

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 10 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 10 people and link them to the post.
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them

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1. Are you afraid of getting older?
Not really. I don’t feel old, only more settled. My life’s been pretty wild so far and now I feel like I’m pretty happy with where I am, mostly.

2. What would you tell your younger self, and what do you wish older people would have told you sooner?
Finish your stupid book because you’re going to forget to back it up and lose it in the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2009. Also, don’t date ___. He will mess with your heart so badly you will feel unworthy for a long time. Or maybe date him, cause the poems you will write will be hardcore.

I wish people told me that stupid shit doesn’t matter so much later on. Like, will it matter in five years? Yes or no? Make decisions based on that, not feelings.

3. Culinary specialty?
I make seriously good sandwiches, and a mean chocolate cake that takes no prisoners.

4. First computer?
I don’t remember, but it had Windows 3.1 installed in it, with Wing Commander.

5. Nintendo, PlayStation, XBox, other, or all of the above?
PS for life. We got the PS1 when I was in fifth or sixth grade and I’ve acquired all of them since. Except the PS4 cause I’m just waiting for the price to drop a bit.

6. Have you ever encountered a bear, wolf or coyote? Would you want to?
Wow, I like this question. I love wolves, so yes. I would love to. But none of these animals are native to my country, so it’s highly unlikely that I would meet one on the trail.

7. Preferred climate?
Hot, with a touch of rain. Hot, but not humid. Hot, with the beach right there.

8. Are you more nostalgic, future-focused, or in the present?
I am firmly rooted in the past, with a tendency to pretend to plan the future.

9. Are you more apt to try to find solutions to other people’s problems or to focus on empathizing and letting them know they’re understood?
Solution-finder, cause it irritates me when people ask me for advice and don’t follow it.

10. Small town or big city?
A small town close to a big city, so you can chill in your home, enjoy the vicious gossip and loving ties and neighborly food. Then and then go to the city to party during weekends.

Tags and my questions under the cut, cause I realized this is one long post.

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Season shifts to rain,
a girl turning in her bed,
the rustle of sheets

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.”

—   Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wave in the Mind: Talks & Essays on the Writer, the Reader & the Imagination  (via ladycube)

(Source: wordsnquotes, via 1000-sunz)

“White feminists who boycotted Pacific Rim because they believed that Mako Mori is a step back in feminism are one of the reasons why I don’t seek solidarity. White feminists don’t understand how significant the character Mako Mori is. Whenever East Asian women are represented in the media they’re portrayed as submissive, China Dolls, Dragon Ladies, Lotus flowers, and Mako Mori is a BIG ”fuck you” to the Entertainment industry that continues to perpetuate these racist stereotypes. But no, you white feminists HAD to boycott the movie, attempting to convince others to do the same and y’all said absolutely nothing about the White washing of Katniss Everdeen, who is a woman of color, and how they prevented women of color from auditioning for the role.”

i feel as a mountain must
waiting to move past